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Social Security Disability

Over 2.5 million people apply for social security disability benefits each year, and the Social Security Administration is looking for any possible way to deny each of those applications.

If you have already received your denial, it shouldn't be surprising or discouraging. Over 70% of first time applicants are turned away. There are several reasons the Social Security Administration will try to use to deny your disability claim. They will say:
"You Did Not Provide Sufficient Medical Proof"
"You Have an Impairment That is Not Considered Severe"
"You Have an Impairment Resulting From Alcohol or Drug Addiction"
"You Have an Impairment That is Not Expected to Last More Than One Year"
"You are Able to Perform Your Usual Type of Work"
"You are Able to Perform Another Type of Work"
"You Fail to Take Prescribed Medicine as Directed"
"You Return to Work While Application is Pending"

None of these reasons should be viewed as an excuse to give up. The Social Security appeals process can be frustrating, but there is hope. Three out of four people who file an appeal end up receiving their benefits. However, to increase your likelihood of receiving benefits, it's critical that you hire a reputable disability law firm to file for reconsideration on your behalf. By using experienced legal representation you can be sure that there will be no mistakes in your application, that proper documentation is obtained, and all deadlines are met.

If you choose not to hire a social security disability lawyer, you'll be adding to your frustration. Already suffering mentally or physically, you will have to wait for a hearing. This wait can be extremely long. The average person who has been denied disability will have to wait an average of 499 days. During this year and a half you will have to do without financial assistance, relying on help from family members and friends, putting a strain on everyone involved.

Once the date of your hearing has been set you may be denied again, only to start the entire process over. There are currently 750,000 cases waiting to be heard. If your claim is denied, that makes you case number 750,001. There is no doubt that the Social Security disability system is backlogged and not functioning properly. The question is: What can you do to ensure that your disability claim is approved?

Keller & Keller is unlike many social security disability law firms. We help you every step of the way, from filling your paperwork to collecting your medical records. Without exception, we will assist you in completing the applications, questionnaires, and appeals, making sure that each document meets strict standards. We will request your medical histories from your past and present doctors, building your medical case. We even follow up on your applications and documentation to make certain that your claim is getting the attention it deserves. When you choose our firm, your case will be presented in the strongest, most convincing manner possible.

Your disability case will will be handled and worked on by staff from an AV-rated law firm that only works with Social Security disability cases. Our social security disability department represents physically and mentally impaired individuals in need of Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits, and nothing else. They will explain to you the complex process and appeal and denials. If necessary, we will argue your case in front of an administrative law judge for a formal hearing and, if warranted, take your claim all the way to the Federal District court.

Remember: Don't Give Up! Many people will be denied over and over again before they are approved for benefits. The requirements of the disability process can be difficult and demanding, but there is hope. Our social security team has served thousands of claimants over the years, and we have witnessed the stress and frsutration your are feeling. Don't battle the system alone.

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Terry G says: 2010-03-17 12:30:41
Phoned to talk to their SSI Disability Attorney. She was very rude and belittled my sister-in-law into tears. Do yourself a favor, if you need assistance and advise, go somewhere else.

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